Painting, poster, painted jewel order

I give space to the imagination by way of my paintings, in any topics, by painting a caught moment, a memory, a mood...


Apart from the buyable paintings on the website can be ordered the paintings meeting the his claims, in all topics. ( that of a port, still life, landscape, entailment ).


I also undertake to stain the image, portrait, old wedding or family photo you have imagined.


foto Photo    festmény painting        foto2 Photo    festmény2 painting


My paintings buyable from me personally,or with postal transport ( + post with an expense ).



Personal receipt with a telephonic or e-mail negotiation , can be taken over the paintings.


I paint the dreams of your image, your self-portrait or your family, a relative picture of your pet, according to the wishes of garden canvas or fibreboard, paint, oil pastel technique.


Onto a birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, or any onto other occasions worthy gift the colours nourished it for the lovers of feelings.


My unique, jewels painted by me likewise buyable, can be ordered.






The poster onto a framework (to a stretcher) coloured photo put on onto 375 g strengthened linens from the original painting.

The copy with an excellent quality gives back the mood of the original painting, his emotional charge and his colour world.


Some frequent sizes and prices:


35 cm × 50 cm = 22.000 HUF

40 cm × 50 cm = 23.000 HUF

50 cm × 60 cm = 24.000 HUF

50 cm × 70 cm = 25.000 HUF

60 cm × 70 cm = 27.000 HUF

60 cm × 80 cm = 28.500 HUF

70 cm × 80 cm = 30.000 HUF








All of my painting can be ordered copy poster linen in the form of a photo.

Moments of the creations

Painting step by step I.
Painting step by step II.

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Telephone: +36 30 812 6413