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"Emese's Dream" exhibition on Csemő in County Library.

Henriett Hellebrand a painter's exhibition

from 01 December 2012. until 16 January 2013.

From guests' entries:

"Dear Heni! This exhibition is a real surprise! Your pictures are wonderful! Congratulations heartily!"

"The mystery, which feeds on the repository of the knowledge, is the food of the soul. Your pictures strengthens our spiritual altitude, our patriotism, congratulations your wonderful creations!"

"Dear Heni, bless God, be always with you, I will always be two loving hands ...

....Virgin Mary,

Christ's mother,

Teach us to love today

Do not be cold the song

teach this people to love... "

I'm happy, thatI knew to come. I embrace you with love.
Your Friend:
Filipszkyné Ilona Baran

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  • december 2012.

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