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TV reports - Painting step by step - I remember memories - Related movies

  • Rhymer paintings. RTV 14.09.2018.

  • Szilvásvárad exhibition opening 07/27/2015.

  • Szilvásvárad exhibition. About me and my painting

  • Szilvásvárad exhibition I.

  • Szilvásvárad exhibition II.

  • Ancient spirit of Hungary. VNTV 26.03.2015.

  • From the soul to the canvas. VNTV 25.02.2015.

  • Dream of Emese. CTV 01.12.2012.

  • Rhymer paintings for the Elderly Week. RTV 14.11.2011.

  • Painting step by step: With the power of Sekhmet.

  • Painting step by step: Falcon Spirit.

  • Painting step by step: Scythian shaman.

  • Painting step by step: The chasing of the wonder deer.

  • Painting step by step: The prayer of the soul.

  • 15 march, 1848.(2018) with musical cover.

  • Made by Facebook on 29 june, 2018.

  • On the wings of memories. On Filipszky Baran Ilona, the poetess's book show.